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2,991 Pageviews20 Watchers should I put this...I kind of want more contributors. I love all the people watching  but I can't always be on searching for amazing work to add in the galleries. soo i'm going to ask you to bring your friends to join.

Adding Work to Gallery:
When you go to your work there should be a button that says "featured in groups" you click submit to a group.

A box will show up and you'll have to check in the box that says type a group name you put "PhotographicPoetry"

And then place it into the right category. (If you have any suggestions on a category please share)

If you still have problems I'll see what i can do you will have to send me a link your work you want submitted.

Thank You for your time,
Anna Lloyd
My name is Anna and my co-founder is my best friend Silver. She and I will be making sure you guys don't put anything inaporpriate but you are responsiable to put your work in the folder it needs to be in th folder it needs to be in.

Have fun putting your beautiful work in this club.

Yes even if it's terribly sad the work is beautiful.
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Engineer of the Human Soul
I did not engineer
Nor attempt to construct
The human soul
Not I
The mere idea seemed frivolous
Damnably gelatinous and
Above all else
Impossible to comprehend
How silly it might turn out
Indeed I thought this
I did attempt however
To make a spicy jam
One evening at the
End of Winter I believe
Lovely time
When this,
What I consider the beginning of a debacle,
I threw together
Bits, and things, and twigs,
And professional spices,
And Illicit words, and
Brown sugar,
And old tea,
And harmless fun
And Puppy Dog Tails,
And I’m allergic to snails,
And something that I called Steve
It could have been Tom
But it looked like a Steve to me
Despite its arguments that it was
A Barbra through and through
I stirred and fiddled and sang
To this black and thin glop
I indeed attempted to call
A spiced jam concoction
That was tap-dancing in circles
On my stovetop without permission
When, no I know, the usual happened
I became bored
Yes Indeed
:iconthoughtful-writer:Thoughtful-Writer 3 5
Queen of Nightmares
My mind and fears are elsewhere
Though, I'm not alone...
Forever guarded by the shadows
That haunt your every nightmare.
My soul forever carries
The broken hearts of your world.
Even the brightest of lights,
Casts dark shadows onto the Earth.
My thoughts and tears are elsewhere,
Though, I'm not alone...
Forever bonded with the darkness.
The tear shed soil around my castle,
Makes my black roses bloom into the night.
Aren't they just breathtaking?
They'll cut you with their thorns,
And take away your precious blood.
:iconxxlizarithxx:xXLizarithXx 2 0
Love is Light
Have you ever been betrayed?
I thought so.
Let me take you down to the river,
To wash your pain away.
You know how it is,
To be stabbed in the back
by your own kin.
You want to curl up and die.
So let me wash away your pain.
I'll take you through the tunnel,
The darkness is your betrayal.
But don't get lost in the darkness,
Just look ahead.
That light on the other side?
That's love fighting the darkness,
trying to reach out to you.
Love is the sun, feel the warmth.
The cold of the darkness
Chills your soul,
Traps you in a cage.
But if you let the light and the warmth in,
You will find yourself in a field,
with me, in the land of our love.
Nothing can stop you from reaching your love,
You just have to never give up.
:iconxxlizarithxx:xXLizarithXx 2 0
Jacob S.
Black hair,
Bright smile.
I think you should
stay a while.
Full of laughter,
full of pain.
Caught in a picture,
caught in the rain.
Please don't think
I'm writing a love song,
I just wanted to tell you
that I think you're strong.
You have survived
through surgery, man.
I look up to you,
my newest Onii-chan.
Sure, we all have
our dreary days
just sit back,
as the music plays.
Soft spoken
a gentle touch.
We all care,
so very much,
You've stood by us,
for so very long
you're brave, caring,
loving, and strong.
:iconxxlizarithxx:xXLizarithXx 1 0
My darling, my love,
How did any of this happen?
To fall for you so quickly,
It took me by surprise
I'll never regret my decision
To give you all of my love
For you, I'd give you the world and more
You deserve all if not more
than what I can give you
Yet I try and try,
I just want you to be happy.
To feel loved, wanted, needed, and appreciated
I'd give anything to see your wonderful smile
You know all this, I realize
I may sound like a broken record
Repeating over and over how I love you
But what can I say?
:iconxxlizarithxx:xXLizarithXx 0 0
How can I sleep?
How can I even breathe
All I can think about is her.
She must have captured my heart
Is that why my lungs don't work?
My mind is on my heart
My heart is in my mind
Where do my lungs go?
She took my air
With one swift kiss.
My heart got faster
My lungs got slower
How did this happen?
Those beautiful eyes...
I can't possibly think!
I get lost in them too easily
My heart stops
Along with my lungs
For one short moment
It's all taken
With her kiss
Leaving my heart racing
And my mind at ease
Our words left caught in the air
And stuck in our throats.
My brain cannot comprehend
Such powerful feelings
Like the ones we share
:iconxxlizarithxx:xXLizarithXx 2 2
Visions appear in my mind,
becoming temporary realities.
This building, empty and broken,
yet full of despair.
The glass has been shattered,
the walls are peeling.
There's a stench in the air,
the sense of something rotting.
The lights have since been burned out,
the last that remain lit flicker
as if their last dying wish.
The corners are dark,
the only source of light being the windows,
still shattered as if frozen in time.
There's a certain chill to this place,
the AC had stopped forever ago, though.
The ceiling tiles are covered in mold,
some have fallen to the floor and broken.
Remaining desks are scattered about the room
only a few still stand upright.
Wildlife has taken refuge here,
overgrowth found it's way through the windows.
Even on the highest level,
overgrowth has claimed this place as home.
The floorboards squeak under slight pressure,
holes are forming in the floors.
The clock on the wall is frozen in time,
showing stillness since 5:19,
morning or evening is left unknown
:iconxxlizarithxx:xXLizarithXx 0 0
For the love of fire
Love... is an ember.
When I first met her,
there was a connection between us.
The more we talked,
before I knew it,
something sparked.
Our eyes met and
there was an ember
somehwere along our connection.
Once our lips first met,
this sparked a flame,
a tiny flame,
but one to call our own.
Love... is a spark.
As we spent our days closer,
everything became warmer
our tiny, little flame
was growing.
From a match to a candle stick
our love grew stronger
our flame grew larger, brighter
my world became brighter
ever since the first day
that I saw her.
Love... is a flame.
We've been together
for so, so long
and yet the flame between us
is still burning bright
still lighting our hearts
shining brighter than
any star in the sky.
From a candle stick to a fire place,
our love is at its strongest,
brighter than its ever been before
at the pace its going
who knows how long it will be
before it catches houses on fire,
catches the block on fire,
catches cities on fire,
catches everything on fire.
:iconxxlizarithxx:xXLizarithXx 4 5
Her bright smile balanced out her dull eyes
Her pale skin balanced out her dark hair
Her tall shoes balanced out her short height
Her kind personality balanced out her black clothes
Her long hair balanced out her short temper
Her soft lips balanced out her quiet nature
Her nice nails balanced out her hidden wrists
Her friendly greeting balanced out her internal cries
Her nice school life balanced out her horrid home life
Her bright soul balanced out her broken heart
Her unstable mind balanced out the noose holding her body
:iconxxlizarithxx:xXLizarithXx 3 0
As the air rushes by me,
Gravity pulls me down,
Making it feel as if I had wings
As if I could fly.
The warm air comforting me,
Wind blowing through my hair
I feel like this would last forever
Or at least I hoped it would.
A sudden jolt of coldness,
As the area around me has changed,
I had found myself in water.
The aquamarine world is new to me,
The water caressing my body,
The wind that was once dancing through my hair,
Has become the swirling waters of the sea.
Bubbles fly past me ever so quickly,
All flying up straight from my lungs,
As if they were rushing to break free,
To be freed from this dampened prison.
I open my eyes and see the light,
Bubbles dashing through the currents,
I see nothing else but water,
In this blue abyss down below.
As my hair comes up from behind my head,
Flowing like long grass in the breeze,
What happened to the wings I once knew?
They became soggy from the chilling water.
As I sink helplessly down to the bottom,
There's a strange feeling of bliss,
As if
:iconxxlizarithxx:xXLizarithXx 2 15
Seeing the Artist in You (2005) by BabyWolverine Seeing the Artist in You (2005) :iconbabywolverine:BabyWolverine 5 0 Legolas' Favourite Plant by BabyWolverine Legolas' Favourite Plant :iconbabywolverine:BabyWolverine 12 6
Candle in the Window
I remember the way you laughed
I remember the way you smiled
I remember your hand on my shoulder
To push me that extra mile
You were my candle in the window
You were my guiding light
You brought me warmth on a winter day
Bright as a summer sun's rays
The sun started to set
And the flame began to fade
It struggled to stay strong
And still guide my way along
You were my candle in the window
You were my guiding light
You brought me warmth on a winter day
Bright as the summer sun's rays
Then the night brought the darkness
And I couldn't find the light
The tears started falling
My flame has lost its fight
You were my candle in the window
You were my guiding light
You brought me warmth on a winter day
Bright as the summer sun's rays
I stumbled through the darkness
I couldn't find my way
I looked into the distance
And saw a mighty flame
You were my candle in the window
You were my guiding light
You brought me warmth on a winter day
Bright as the summer sun's rays
I found you there beside me
:iconkyokithedamned:KyokiTheDamned 3 7
I am
I am the silent rose of the magnolia tree
Standing alone at the edge of the water
Listening to the voices of life
My petals dance through the soft wind
And my thoughts linger about
I watch the water and wonder how,
It stays so calm
When there is so much rage
The poison of life then takes hold
And the rage swells
The water begins to thrash about,
And the wind begins to howl
I begin to swing
And as fast as it came,
The poison is sucked out
There I am again,
Standing with only a few petals gone
:iconfilca98:filca98 1 2
L'appel du Large by Numarkoo L'appel du Large :iconnumarkoo:Numarkoo 8 5








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